Improve – Strengthen – Sharpen Your Vision

Visivite Eye VitaminIf you have had minor issues with your eyesight and you were told that as you get older,  to expect vision deterioration,  the Fact is that If you nourish your eyes with the nutrients they need, such as; lutein, bilberry,zeaxanthin, vitamin A, taurine, and alpha lypoic, you can help keep your vision sharp for years to come.
These and other nutrients are found in Opti Gold.

Consider this also: If take a really good multivitamin and follow healthy eating habits of fruits and vegetables and if you believe that maybe your diet along with my multivitamin would contain sufficient amounts of lutein needed to improve your vision,  the fact is: You’d have to eat half a cup of cooked spinach, everyday to get about 12 milligrams of lutein and it would still be 3 milligram less than the amount found in the advanced formula of
Botanic Choice Opti Gold Capsules, 30-Count Bottle
Opti Gold also contains Flora Glo Lutein, which is about twice as bioavailable.