Foods For Eye Health

Best Foods For Eye Health

foods for eye healthAccording to scientific and medicinal research, what we eat is directly related to the state of our health. They have also found that the same kinds of foods For eye health are beneficial for our overall health.

Vitamins and minerals fuel and nourish our bodies and simultaneously protects our eyes and how well we are able to see.

Dr. Leland Carr professor of optometry states that the best thing for our eyes is a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables. Of course we add omega3 from fish as well. We protect the retina by taking recommended dosages of minerals, selenium and zinc. To avoid dry eye symptoms, it is recommended to consume sufficient amounts of fatty acids from fish (Wild Alaskan Salmon preferred) or a good fish/krill oil supplement.

Dr. Earl Mindel (the author of the vitamin bible) suggest that we play the Aces in our diet. I.e. strive to consume the recommended daily allowance of the vitamins A,C,E & S. Of course S, stands for selenium.

 A Short List Of The Very Best Foods For Eye Health.

Kale, spinach, Carrots and dairy products like egg yolks, are great sources of vitamin A
Kiwi, Citrus fruits, potatoes (especially sweet potatoes), broccoli, green peppers and fruit juices are rich in vitamin C
You can get vitamin E from whole grains, Eggs, sunflower seeds, vegetable oils.
Tuna, Shrimp, Sardines, and Salmon are great sources of Selenium.
You’ll find Lutein/ Zeaxanthin in kale, Spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and corn.
You can get Zinc from whole grains, fish, poultry, dairy products and Meat.

 It Is Sometimes A Good Idea To Supplement

Supplementation of some of these items like, lutein, zeaxanthin, selenium, fish oils, vitamin E, vitamin C (ester C) Vitamin A, and zinc may be a good idea especially if it is observably true that they are lacking in your diet.  You may find that raw fruit, fish, vegetables and meat is becoming too expensive and/or inconvenient. It may be a good idea to supplement them. We have recommended some reputable brands in the links above.
Stay with these foods for eye health as often and as long as you can. Sometimes, results are evident and quick, but if you persist in any event, they do yield better vision results and better overall health.




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